Don’t be an IDIOT(M): You Should Know These Sh!t (Not Suited for Beginner Level)


Spoiler for What is IDIOM, refer to Google Translate:

What? Ups sorry, wrong picture , here's the correct one for you, thank me later
Spoiler for The Real "IDIOM" means, according to Google Translate:

What now? Still not clear enough for you, well, here's more from Cambridge dictionary,
Quote:Idiom is a group of words in a fixed order that have a particular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word on its own.
The point is, if you read or hear a sentence or a phrase that you can't swallow, sorry, comprehend the meaning literally, usually that is an idiom. Alternatively, it can be said that the phrase is interpreted in a figurative sense.

Idioms are vary in different cultures and countries. In English language, there are hundreds of idioms that you can find out there. Do you know the most interesting word which can be used to make idioms with different usage and various meaning? Yeah, this is the word, the notorious "SH!T"

SH!T is originally a slang term for fecal matter now commonly used as an all-purpose exclamation, noun, verb, adjective or adverb. And you know what? "SH!T" may just be the most powerful word in the English language.

Quote:You can be sh!t faced, sh!t out of luck, or have sh!t for brains. With a little effort, you can get your sh!t together, find a place for your sh!t or decide to sh!t or get off the pot. You can smoke sh!t, buy sh!t, sell sh!t, lose sh!t, find sh!t, forget sh!t, and tell others to eat sh!t and die.

Some people know their sh!t while others can't tell the difference between sh!t and shinola. There are lucky sh!ts, dumb sh!ts, crazy sh!ts, and sweet sh!ts. There is bull sh!t, horse sh!t and chicken sh!t. You can throw sh!t, sling sh!t, catch sh!t, or duck when sh!t hits the fan. You can give a sh!t or serve sh!t on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep sh!t or be happier than a pig in sh!t. Some days are colder than sh!t, some days are hotter than sh!t, and some days are just plain sh!tty. Some music sounds like sh!t, things can look like sh!t, and there are times when you feel like sh!t.

You can have too much sh!t, not enough sh!t, the right sh!t, the wrong sh!t or a lot of weird sh!t. You can carry sh!t, have a mountain of sh!t, or find yourself up sh!t creek without a paddle. Sometimes everything you touch turns to sh!t and other times you swim in a sea of sh!t and come out smelling like a rose.

And do you know why this word is much more interesting? Well, the important part of this sh!t is, if you use it with THE, then an entirely different meaning applies.

My Thread is sh!t= Horrible Thread
My Thread is THE sh!t = Greatest thread in KasKus

Here we go again. You don't get THE sh!t unless you got THE sh!t. And if you want THE sh!t you gotta' flaunt THE sh!t. You gotta' center THE sh!t before you enter THE sh!t. Make sure you choose THE sh!t before you use THE sh!t. Coz' if you abuse THE sh!t, you're gonna lose THE sh!t.

When you stop to consider all the facts, it's the basic building block of the English language. And remember, once you know your sh!t, you don't need to know anything else!

So, do you really need an example after all that sh!t?

Holy sh!t, I just realized that you do need some examples for those sh!t. So, let me pick some interesting idioms up there and let's discuss it with more detail. Let's start with this sh!t first.

1. When the Sh!t hits the Fan

Maybe if you translate it literally, you'll get that picture on your mind. Am I right? According to The Free Dictionary, "when the sh!t hits the fan" means when the trouble begins or when the consequences of an action begin to be realized or the easiest way to say is when all hell breaks loose.

Here's an example of the usage of this idiom, Al Pacino said this sh!t in the movie Scent of a Woman.
Spoiler for Al Pacino has spoken:

2. Give a Sh!t

This is the famous idiom usage of this word. It's not like you're giving someone your sh!t literally, it's just that in a positive way, this idiom is used to express care about someone or something. However, the sentence usually objectionable and often negative. Here's a famous quote from TED movie just to let you know how to use this idiom properly.
Spoiler for TED's famous quote:

And here's more example of how to use it in a sentence from rotten ecards,
Spoiler for Rotten ecards quote:

And here's the famous conversation from movie He's Just Not That Into You, from boys to girls out there,
Spoiler for Hello girls:

Here's a friendly advice for you,
Spoiler for A humble advice for a better life:

3. Know sh!t from Shinola

So, you should find this word somewhere up there. Yes, the one with the blue color. However, do you know what Shinola mean? If you don't know then you are very stupid No offense, but I am serious. The meaning of this idiom is to know what's what or to be intelligent and aware. And as usual, this idiom always in the negative usage. As for your information, Shinola is a famous brand of shoe polish from Detroit USA. A person who doesn't know sh!t from Shinola is very stupid , literally, or in a manner way, that person is possessing poor judgment or knowledge.
Spoiler for This is what Shinola looks like:

And how to use that idiom in a sentence? Well, just don't, as for you to know it, so they don't say "poor you doesn’t know sh!t from Shinola"

4. Sh!t Happens

Well, this one is quite famous. Use it when bad things just happen and are unavoidable. However, you should know that this idiom is potentially offensive, please use only with discretion, like this one from Predator 2 movie. Just a short buffer won't harm you
 And here's a literal usage of this idiom in Forrest Gump movie, relax, no buffer guarantee.
Spoiler for Just a scence from Forrest Gump:

Spoiler for When Shit Happens, Just Keep Calm:

5. Don't Sh!t Where You Eat

As so you'll know that the meaning of this idiom is do not engage in troublesome or dubious behavior at one's home, place of business, or any location where one frequents, for it invites undesired consequences. In short, "do not have romantic relationships with any co-workers." A more offensive term is often used instead of "crap".

Example: I warned him—I told him, "Don't sh!t where you eat." But he still insisted on having an affair with his secretary, and now, the scandal is ruining both his professional life and his home life.

6. Sh!t Just Got Real

This is an expression that explains how a joking or friendly conversation suddenly took a turn for the worse and is escalating towards a hostel situation and/or a physical scuffle. However, this phrase was originally spoken in Will Smith/Martin Lawrence action/buddy-cop movie "Bad Boys 2", signifying a sudden crescendo of danger and/or sudden understanding of dangerous circumstances.

Here's a short clip from that movie so you'll know when is the right moment to use this sh!t,
Spoiler for The Right Moment to Use This Sh!t:
Okay I know, for those of you who are too lazy to buffer, here's an example from some ecards,
Spoiler for How to use sh!t just got real by ecards:

Here's another moment when you know that you should use this sh!t,
Spoiler for If you see a moment like this, you know what to say:

7. In Deep Sh!t

So, what do you think about this sh!t? Oh i know, like the picture below right?

Close enough if you take it literally. In deep sh!t means that you are in a very bad situation. Take a look this picture below to know how deep the meaning of this sh!t.
Spoiler for This is what in deep sh!t means. Just stay calm:

In other words, in deep sh!t means that you are in a big trouble. It started when sh!t is getting outta hand, then sh!t happens, and when sh!t hits the fan, then you realize that sh!t just got real, and one thing you know that you are in deep sh!t. Moral of this, don't play with sh!t if you don't want to end up in a pile of sh!t.

8. Chicken Sh!t

Ah for this one, I am too lazy to write the explanation for you. Just look at these pictures below okay.
Spoiler for How Google defines Chicken Sh!t:

Spoiler for Chicken Sh!t from Urban Dictionary:

Spoiler for Here's how you use it in a sentence:

Spoiler for And here's for you Haters:

9. Get Your Sh!t Together

So, you just picture the image above when you hear this Idiom right? Silly you, remember not to take all the Idioms here too literally okay, that's the rule of this thread. According to free dictionary, this idiom means as an advice to become more organize and effective, usually refer to a person. In other words, this Idiom is used to tell someone to get his/her life in order and or to get his/her thoughts straight.

Here's a short clip from "Bridesmaids" movie on when is the right moment to use this idiom in real life,
Spoiler for Moment in real life on when to use this sh!t:
 And here's an example on how you use it on a sentence,
Spoiler for Example on how to put this idiom on a sentence:

10. S.H.!.T

Last but not least, a response to the phrase T.G.I.F. (Thanks God it's Friday) when it is actually Thursday. S.H.!.T. (Sorry honey it's Thursday). Example for the usage of this sh!t, read a conversation in the Elevator below,

Woman in elevator: " *sigh* TGIF"
Man in Elevator: "S.H.!.T."
Woman looks at him blankly: "What did you say?"
Man: "Sorry Hon it's Thursday"

Well, I think that's all for these sh!ts (for now ), just don't forget to read the sign below, as I always remind you to.
Spoiler for Please read the sign:

You should know that there are hundreds of idioms that you can find in English language, and these sh!ts are just a small part of it. Writers and public speakers use idioms generously. The purpose behind this vast use of idioms is to ornate their language, make it richer and spicier and help them in conveying subtle meanings to their intended audience. Not only do idioms help in making the language beautiful, they also make things better or worse through making the expression good or bad, but just don't take it too literally, Okay!

For those of you who don't like the sh!t I wrote here,
Spoiler for From me to haters, loud and clear:

And yeah, here's a reminder from Mr. Christopher.
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But still, don't take Mr. Christopher's words too serious okay, coz' Grammar's indeed important, mind my Grammar though
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Not to forget, here's my wish for those who like the sh!t I wrote here,
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Spoiler for Source:
Grammarly, Free Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary, Urban Dictionary, and Some Sh!t I found on Google

Dedicated to All English Learner

Holy Sh!t! Just realized that this sh!tty thread has become a Hot Thread! Thanks to mimin and momod and all of my fellow English learner who like this sh!t, now I am happier than a pig in sh!t. You guys are THE real SH!T

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